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Cushion packagingIs the usual shoebox as we know it coming to an end? Berlin agency Scholz & Friends designed a new way to package Nike Air Max sneakers. The cardboard box gives way to some kind of futuristic cushion packaging. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages such an original packaging offers!

The idea behind cushion packaging

The Nike Air Max shoe has been around for many years. The shoe has evolved over time, arousing excitement at every innovation. One thing remained unchanged over the years: the packaging. Nevertheless, Nike recently decided to switch up their packaging by replacing the brown cardboard box with the orange logo by a more ‘futuristic’ shoe packaging, in efforts to attract more buyers and clients. To achieve this aim, Nike called on Berlin-based agency Scholz & Friends’ services.

Nike Air Max - Cushion packagingInstead of the classic cardboard shoebox that most sneakers are sold in, Scholz & Friends decided to give the Nike Air Max packaging an entirely different direction. Made out of plastic, the packaging takes on the form of a clear bubble, large enough to comfortably hold the shoes inside. This see-through bubble with the Nike Air logo appears incredibly futuristic, giving the impression of a sneaker floating in midair.

The future of cardboard box?

At first glance, the air cushion packaging appears to be slightly more practical than the custom cardboard box, as it allows anyone to view the shoes instantly. Not to mention that the design is more attractive and entertaining than the old brown box. This ingenious cushion packaging perfectly highlights the main feature of this famous shoe. Moreover, it prevents any damage to the shoe during shipping.

Considering all the advantages of the cushion packaging, we can expect it to become the new norm in the years to come. The shoebox is dead, long live cushion packaging!

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