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The Oregon-based company has long pursued aggressive environmental goals. In 2010, Nike vowed to stop purchasing carbon offsets in favor of slashing its own emissions instead, even amid heavy losses spurred by worst recession in decades. The firm saw an uptick in carbon emissions two years later, as the global economy regain steam.

But between 2011 and last year, Nike's carbon emissions per item shipped decreased by 18 percent, a mark of significant progress, according to the company's latest sustainability report, released on Wednesday.

On the heels of the Paris climate accord, signed by more than 180 countries last month at the United Nations in New York, Nike said it hopes to completely reshape its manufacturing process to be a "closed loop, " eliminating all waste products.

"Post Paris, for us, we see that the long-term approach needs to be that we transform business models to work within a 2-degree, low-carbon, closed-loop future, " Jones said, referring to the global warming benchmark of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), above which scientists say climate change would become irreversibly catastrophic. "That is going to be a critical enabler of our growth."

This year marks a shift in the company's sustainability strategy, as it goes from simply trying to cut down on waste to finding new ways to create products from waste materials, Jones said.

"Can we double our growth and halve our impact?" she said. "That just sets the stage for us, in terms of, yes, we have short- to mid-term very aggressive targets, but we also have a really significant push around how we innovate to completely new business models."

Nike has come a long way since it was the target of boycotts over the use of child labor in the 1990s.

"Nike was targeted by campaigners because it was the world's best-selling brand and because initially it denied responsibility for any malpractice that may be taking place in its sub-contractor factories, " Rob Harrison, editor of Ethical Consumer, told The Guardian in 2012. "It was clear that the lessons of the 90s had been painfully learned. If there's a case to answer it's better to concede early rather than hoping it will go away."

The company has since pursued a holistic approach to reforming its supply chain. Nike cut down on the number of factories it works with, in hopes of gaining more control over the manufacturing process so it could raise its standards for both working conditions and environmental impact. Last year, 86 percent of contract factories met the minimum requirements for sustainability and investment in workers, Nike said. It hopes to raise that to 100 percent by 2020.

To demonstrate that its commitment to a waste-free system is more than a publicity play, the company announced on Wednesday a partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the British nonprofit dedicated to building a so-called "circular economy." That concept, which essentially emulates nature, means reforming the entire industrial system to recycle waste and eliminate pollution.

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I bought Nike shoes from Amazon, and they are made in India. My friend says Nikes made in India are not original. Is this true? Are Nikes made in India original or not? - Quora

This is not true NIKE is outsourcing shoes and clothes from India. Many of my friends are working in such company which is producing NIKE shoes there is company called SSIPL near by DELHI (national capital of India).

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