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J Crew Nike Air Pegasus

nike-jbrand-coated-jeans-madewell-sweatshirt-baseball-hatYou guys, these are old pics. They were taken right after my second chemo treatment last year and in all of the craziness that followed, were completely forgotten. But this outfit, despite the circumstances, is worth chatting about – it has remained one of my go-to outfits for just about anything kid or family related. And no matter how hard I try, I haven’t been able to one-up this combo: sneakers + faux leather jeans + graphic sweatshirt. This pairing remains my favorite way to wear serious sneaks.

The challenge I have with *real* sneakers (as opposed to converse) is that they can sometimes look like an afterthought.nike-jbrand-coated-jeans-madewell-sweatshirt-baseball-hat-2 Like those business women I used to see in DC: full suit, nylons, white socks and big sneakers (just for the morning commute), their pumps stashed in their bag. Converse have enough style all on their own to integrate into an outfit easily, but true sneakers….I find them tricky. I need to pair them with something sporty to keep the vibe consistent, and something chic, to keep the vibe from getting too sporty. Know what I mean?

This is my winning formula.


sweatshirt: Madewell Bien Fait Sweatshirt (mine is last year’s but the link is to this year’s….I’m wearing a medium)

nike-jbrand-coated-jeans-madewell-sweatshirt-baseball-hat-4jeans: JBrand Coated Denim Leggings (RIP)

Sneaks: Nike Air Pegasus (the color I’m wearing is long gone, but I’m drooling over both the gray and the red)

Hat: Xhilaration at Target, old – love Xhilaration’s plain black baseball hat, red plaid baseball hat, or floral trucker hat

And because I can’t help myself….shopping.

Coated Denim

There are so many reasons to have a pair of coated denim. My biggest one right now? They’re practically waterproof (Hello, March slush and April showers).

nike-jbrand-coated-jeans-madewell-sweatshirt-baseball-hat-6 nike-jbrand-coated-jeans-madewell-sweatshirt-baseball-hat-5

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