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Nike air max original shoes in aliexpressLike many other cheap Nike sneakers, in AliExpress you can find almost all the Air Max models (including the Nike Air Max 90) for a much lower price than you are used to. Many of the Air Max sold in AliExpress are replicas, yes, but they are also more and more sellers offering originals.

How do I know if the cheap Nike Air Max in AliExpress are fake or not?

This icon means “Guaranteed Authenticity” and when a seller features it, he’s committing to distribute an original product. If by any chance the product isn’t original, AliExpress will give you back up to double the price you paid originally. This being said, chances of this are extremely rare.

Cheap air max shoes in aliexpressADVICE: If you are having trouble figuring out if the Nike Air Maz are original, just take a look at the price. If you find some for 30€, we can assure you they are replicas.

AliExpress Stores with guaranteed authenticity

Once again, here at AlixBlog we’d like to make you search easier, so we’ve listed three of the sellers that up until this day (mid October) sell Air Max sneakers with guaranteed authenticity:

Aliexpress nike airmax reviewsIn any case, if you are interested in purchasing some original Air Max you can always try looking for other sellers on your own, as stocks run out quick, so depending on when you look at it, this table won’t be much use.

On the other hand, these three sellers seem to restock pretty fast, so chances are you will probably be able to get your Nike Air Max in AliExpress from one of them.

Remember to check your size. If you can’t figure it out, just talk to the seller directly by using the chat option. They usually answer within 24 hours and will be able to help with this and any other doubts you might have.

How to find trustworthy sellers

As usual, more than the seller’s rating (even thought I wouldn’t recommend one without any crowns), our advice is that you pay more attention to the rating of the product and the number of units sold: the more sales, the higher the rating and better chances of getting a good product.

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