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One of the big takeaways from my Suzlyfe Reader Survey (thank you so much! I’ll go into full results soon) is that you all want more running, less food and product reviews. Sadly for you, I like food, so get over it ;D but I do hope to get back to cooking again and doing some more recipes in the near future. Today is not that day, however. To give you a a respite from food posts, I thought I would switch things up today and talk about my strategy of rotating running shoes for marathon training.

A great perks of being a running coach and blogger is that I have exposure (not always that I test, but I have exposure) to a great deal of wisdom regarding a variety of different types of shoes and running shoe wisdom and education.

A little bit about my running shoe background, for the uninitiated:

I grew up (like just about everyone else in the 90s) running in Nikes, from the Nike Air to gels to the Shox. I did the Nike ID Shox for years and years even with my orthotics, which I had custom made (my first pair) in 9th grade. The Shox worked for me because I they were neutral enough not to interfere with the orthotics and also because I wasn’t running enough for it to matter.

Fast forward to 3rd year of college (2008). I start running more, I notice my knees hurting, I go to a running store, and they change me to Brooks. And my love affair with Brooks continues for another 6 years, from the Switch (support) to the Adrenaline (Support, and only 1 pair of these) to the Defyance (neutral-support) for my first half marathon and first marathon to the Ravennas (support, second marathon). I tried the new (at the time) Ravennas after that marathon, but the fit wasn’t right. It was time to move on.

Strategy for Rotating Running Shoes during Marathon TrainingI made a big switch and decided to throw myself in a completely different direction (but still in the gently supportive direction) with the Newton Kismet (review here). After going a little too minimal in the BOCO’s this winter, I took a reprieve from the Kismets with my old (dead) Ravennas but ultimately returned and ran my PR marathon in them (Phoenix) and qualified for Boston. Love the Kismet, but still I’ve looked for a good option that I could use to give my calves and feet a break from a more minimal shoe and also to rotate with the Kismets.

So I returned to one of my old friends, Nike. I have been lucky to work with Nike on some media events (like the Nike Free 3.0 launch), but I had yet to really test out the Nikes again. Consequently, I took myself to Nike for a running and gait analysis and got fit for new shoes. I took home the

nike plus running gait analysis review suzlyfeAnd now I have one more shoe in my stable: the

My Strategy in Rotating Running Shoes

First of all, if you are interested in why rotating shoes is generally a good idea, please see these articles from Competitor and Runner’s Academy. In the past, I have had some difficulty rotating shoes (beyond rotating the same model of shoe, just different pairs), but I think it was more because I was rotating the WRONG shoes and in the wrong way.

These are just the shoes for running. I do most of my lifting in my Nike Free 3.0, which are completely minimal.

The Shoes and How I Utilize Them

An important note: I wear orthotics with all of these, and they are all neutral to neutral-support with more loving to the arch. That said, even if you choose completely different shoes, the same strategies apply!

nike zoom pegasus 32 Or such awesomeness as this.

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I think zoom is more soft and comfortable

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I think those gestures work only for InteractiveObject-s, so wrap it (elevator) in some Sprite.

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