Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Review

Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Review

Pegasus Zoom 33The Nike Pegasus shoe is a traditional style running shoe for anyone who likes road or non technical trail running.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 has an excellent fit to it, and forms nicely to the foot. There is no period of discomfort or “breaking in” required for this shoe. It does everything one would expect from a typical running shoe, and can be used for many different types of running, including races. It’s not the lightest shoe on the market, or the one with the most comfort, but it is adequate in both areas, and doesn’t disappoint in any area.

We have worn the Pegasus on road, trail and track without apprehension. It is a solid running shoe, and we like it for both speed work and distance running. We wore the Pegasus for a trail race as well, and didn’t have any issues on rocky trails and hills. That said, for a very technical or very steep trail, this is probably not the #1 option. Longer road races (10k to marathon) would certainly be in the realm of this shoe’s performance.

The Midsole deliver an exceptionally cushioning ride from smooth trails to roads. Making a very efficient run from the beginning, transition from heel to toe feels quick and responsive as you would expect on a fast shoe. The outsole provides great traction even for those moderate technical trails without affecting/slowing your pace. I do not think durability will be a concern for these shoes.

The strongest point of the shoe is that it is solid in nearly every category and gives you exactly what you would expect from a running shoe. For a novice runner especially, this would be a great shoe to use as an introduction to running. As mentioned above, it also has a very comfy, almost “snug” fit (in a good way). Even before lacing it up, it seems to fit the foot very well, with little to no sliding around or extra movement.13692727_10154339784094805_3838595197665180810_n Perhaps the weakness of the shoe is that it doesn’t exactly have a niche — it’s not a great road racer (not light enough) and not a go to shoe for the trails either (not enough support, cushion, grip). But it is an everyday shoe, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take it with me on any run.

  • Price: $110.0
  • Weight: 8.6oz
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 10mm
  • Suggested optimal use: Fast runs
  • Distance: 5k to Marathon
  • Rating (1 to 5)1 is horrible, 5 is Amazing
  • Upper: 3
  • Midsole: 3.5
  • Outsole: 4.5
  • Durability : 3.5
  • Fit: 4.5
  • Performance: 4
  • Appearance: 4

Overall: 4

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