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As an ordinary Joe Runner I am often on the lookout for ways to improve my times other than the obvious HARD WORK!


  • Second generation Action/ReactionTM technology in the midfoot
  • Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
  • High-rebound EVA
  • Met-flex enhanced midfoot flexibility
  • ETC anti-friction, antibacterial sock liner
  • Water drainage system
  • Optional 3mm lift included
  • Widened midfoot and filled toe area for greater stability

In Summary

I did seriously consider getting these as they are created precisely for what I need – a 5-10k racer. However, they have a zero millimetre drop which I think may be too much of a change from my Nike Lunarglide 5’s which have a large drop and lots of cushioning. These may be a shoe that I move on to once my joints have gotten used to running on racing flats.

Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2 – Weight 228g

In comparison to the Newtons (0mm), these racers have a 3mm drop which seems very high for a racing flat. However this drop incorporates the Boost technology that Adidas have been heavily marketing recently.

At the pre-London Marathon expo Adidas had a display that had my son entranced… The floor of the left hand part of the display was made from standard EVA foam, whereas the right hand floor was made from Adidas’ Boost foam. Over and over again a metal ball was dropped from a height of around 1 metre on to each of the surfaces, showing the resultant bounce. The Adidas Boost foam definitely made the ball bounce a lot higher. To what extent this translates to real world running I’m not sure. Steve Way, 100k World Champion and 2:16 London Marathoner is sponsored by Adidas and these are his shoe of choice.

This is a nice looking shoe and the Boost technology is very appealing. However the high price and the fact that it’s not the lightest racing flat go against it. After owning Nike Lunarglide 4’s, I ordered a pair of Adidas Boosts in January this year but they were so uncomfortable a fit (narrow toe box) that I sent them straight back and opted for the Lunarglide 5’s.

New Balance RC5000 – Price £44.99 – Weight 3.2oz (85 grams)

These shoes are an older model and are ridiculously light at just 3.2 ounces! They kind of disprove Newton’s assertion that they make the lightest running shoes ever! With a 6mm drop they are not too flat and not too high. With a super thin upper these are a true minimalist running shoes! Weight loss is found through the minimal cushioning in the midsole which may give a slightly harder ride but that’s the the compromise – heavier Adidas with lots of cushioning, or extremely light New Balance RC5000’s with less.

The sole also has rubber spikes which should give excellent adhesion to the road or track, saving micro-calories of energy through the lack of slippage on each take-off.

Really light at 3.2 ounces, great grip and nowhere near as expensive as the Nikes?! These may actually be a contender for me.

If you use them, what’s your go-to racing flat?


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