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With there being great speculation to when Nike would be releasing their new spikes, a final date has been announced by Nike. Two new pairs of middle distance spikes are expected to be released this summer: the Nike Zoom Victory 3 and the Zoom Victory Elite 2 spikes.

As described by Nike on their Launch page, the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 spikes are:

Designed to meet the needs of middle distance runners, the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 Unisex Racing Spike features ultra-light, breathable mesh and a generative spike plate to help you pull past the competition.

Official Release Date – 16th August

Nike have announced that the second of these – the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 – will be released on the 16th August in the USA, retailing ta 0. This is cheaper than the current Zoom Victory Elite spikes which sell at 0.

New light-weight mesh upperIt was initially speculated that Nike would release these spikes on the 4th August after a stand at their Unlimited London event stated this release date. When this date came, only the Unlimited Colourway for the trainers was released, leaving spike fans disappointed and still guessing to when they would be available to the public.

Along with this announcement, other questions have been answered. Many wanted to know what colours would be released, with some images appearing to show a blue/ black colourway which was far from as nice as the Olympic Unlimited colours. However, with this announcement also comes official images from Nike’s Launch page showing the spikes in the Unlimited Coulourway, confirming the public will also be able to get hold of the same spikes which will be worn by the Olympians in Rio 2016.

The pictures also confirm the Zoom Victory Elite 2 spikes to have a 3/4 length pike plate which was initially speculated to be featured on the Zoom Victory 3 spikes. There are also removable spike pins on top of the 3D printed newly designed spike plate.

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For those that like Nike running shoes, what makes the design of Nike Air Max running shoes so desirable over other brands? - Quora

I'm sorry, I know you said people who like Nike, but I could help but stick my nose in.
The whole running shoe industry is a lie. I know this makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, however it was all put very nicely in a book called Born to Run by Christopher McDougell. (It's a fantastic book, you should read it)

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