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How to Buy Nike Women's ShoesWomen's Nike shoes are versatile and comfortable. Nike offers a shoe for almost any sport or activity, from walking to high impact running, their range is limitless. It is imperative however, to choose the correct size and style, as they are all designed differently. Before purchasing Nike shoes, it is important to properly measure the foot, and then based on these measurements select the proper size and most appropriate style.

Proper Sizing

Purchasing Nike shoes that fit well is of utmost importance; an accurate fit provides the highest level of comfort and maximizes the wearer's comfort. A properly fitting Nike shoe is easy to slip on, yet fits snugly around the foot with ample wiggle room around the toe.

Foot Sizing

According to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, in 2009 almost seven million Americans visited a doctor for foot related discomfort, mostly caused by ill-fitting shoes. Women's shoes should not be too small, too loose, or lacking support, as this often results in undesirable stress on the feet, ankles, hips, and spine. For those unsure of which shoe size to purchase, it is important to first properly measure the foot.

How to Measure the Foot

Place a piece of paper on a flat surface and, on the paper, draw a straight line; the line drawn needs to be longer than the measured foot. Stand on the line, centering the heel and longest toe so that they both fall on the line.

Next, make a perpendicular line that marks the position of the heel and one that marks the tip of the longest toe. With a ruler, measure the distance between the two marks. Repeat these steps with the other foot. Taking the larger of the two measurements, use the conversion chart to find the correct size shoe.

Heel to Toe Length in Inches

Women's Size



















Easily avoid foot related problems by wearing shoes that are appropriate for an individual's feet, body, and lifestyle. Before purchasing Nike shoes, measuring the wearer's foot will guarantee a proper fit, which results in added comfort as well as shoe longevity.

Nike Shoe Styles

Nike manufactures a myriad of footwear options with an extensive shoe collection. The shoes, designed for training, running, or everyday wear come in a plethora of different color options and patterns. Composed of high quality materials and infused with technology for top performance, Nike shoes deliver extreme comfort and support. Designed differently, each shoe maximizes stability and flexibility, and ultimately improves performance all while minimizing injury.

Running Shoes

Designed for speed and endurance, and with a range of running shoes for all levels of athletes from beginners to marathon racers, there is a Nike running shoe for everyone. For a lightweight, flexible shoe, select from the minimalist options of the Nike Free collection. For more support and cushioning select from the neutral ride Air Pegasus collection.

Track and Field Shoes

A well fitting Nike track and field shoe helps an individual improve their game by shaving seconds off their running time and adding millimeters to their jumps. These women's track spikes are lightweight and durable, designed to combat sand and dirt, all while providing extra traction for the runner.

Basketball Shoes

For increased speed and explosive performance, check out the Nike Hyperdunk collection. The outer soles featured on this collection provide excellent grip and traction. Snug and flexible, the collar is lower in the back and higher in front, resulting in just the right amount of support. With a mesh tongue and full inner sleeve, this shoe provides sufficient ventilation, keeping the foot cool and dry.

Yoga Shoes

Designed to make the most of a workout typically done in bare feet, the groundbreaking Nike Studio Wrap is lightweight yet strong. Ideal for yoga, Pilates, and dance, this shoe offers protection, freedom of movement, and arch support. Featuring silicon traction, the enhanced grip reduces unwanted slips and falls.


Assembled with soft, bendable foam infused with grooves, this shoe is essential for warm weather and everyday wear. The rubber straps proved extreme comfort, and the plush foam yields cushioning and support, affording the wearer hours of walking in comfort.

Consumers can easily find a wide variety of Nike shoes that are available on eBay simply by conducting a basic keyword search. For a wider exploration, go to any eBay page and type "Nike women's shoes" in the search bar found on any eBay page. To narrow the results down even further and to arrive at a more precise list of products, specify a certain size or type of shoe such as running, walking, or high impact training.

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