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Kevin Pack | Owner

Kevin started running in the early 70’s. As a youngster, he ran circles around a cemetery and up and down hills, woods, and back roads in West Virginia. He took up cross country in high school with five fun guys on the team. Upon opening Runners Market in 1995, marathoning was surging; so he jumped in and ran three. Top pick for where to run is in a forest!


Shoe: Saucony Kinvara, Altra Instinct, Vibram Five Fingers
Running Outfit: Shorts only weather permitting, accessorized with water bottle
Pre-Run Meal: Usually nothing. Oats/raisins/tea/honey if on longer trail runs.
Post-Run Meal: Whatever Samantha and I are cooking and homebrew (chocolate milk if on the job)
Running Route Nearby: Sequoyah Greenway or any number of the great parks in the area with trails.
Race: Wears Valley 15K and Charleston Distance Run (WV) early on.
Beer: Don’t get me started.
Music: Blues, some classical, R&R (mostly older stuff).
Movie: Anything with Glenn Close, Jack Nicholson, John Wayne, Kevin Spacey, or Monty Python crew.

Samantha Pack | Owner

Sam and Kevin dreamed up Runners Market when they had three kids under five years old??? Those kids are in their 20s now, and the business has been a family affair ever since. Sam has kept her day job as an Environmental Remediation project manager through the whole ordeal (somebody had to be the grown up). Running has been a way of life for Sam ever since grade school. After opening Runners Market, Kevin convinced her to do a marathon, and she ended up doing four. A back injury has slowed her road racing, but not her time running up and down mountains. Now she spends as much time as possible running through the woods.

Sam and Kevin have been long-time supporters of the Knoxville Track Club, the KTC Youth Program, and numerous races throughout the years

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