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pegasus-slideshow-3Though I had had them booked before – I never actually had taken a flight before on Pegasus Airlines and a review seemed a good idea.

Pegasus Airlines Review – Check-In

My segment was from Bodrum, Turkey (BJV) to Istanbul’s Asian airport (SAW). Take-off time was at 6 AM and the Bodrum terminal was deserted at 4.45 AM.

I actually had checked in online using the excellent Pegasus Airlines iPhone app. The check-in agent disregarded this though and just printed new boarding passes and tagged the luggage. As usual in Turkey this goes without a word or any interaction. I guess customer service is just not something Pegasus wants to specialize in.

Pegasus Airlines Review – The flight

Boarding was perfectly on time and given that we could walk directly into the aircraft on the apron it was also quick and easy.

The flight was completely full (this route gets really busy in summer) and we took off into the sunrise. I felt strangely at home in this plane – the whole operation – the drop-down LCD screens – the in flight magazine – I have seen that before – yes you guessed it – Air Asia has left it’s mark on the Turkish rival.

Food and drinks for purchase came through just after we reached 25, 000 feet and the LCD screens had a nice in-flight guide (akin to Cathay Pacific’s graphics for your current location). Before we know it – we started our descend into SAW.

The airport apparently has trouble coping with capacity and even on these sunny, summer days delays keep stacking up every day in the afternoon. No such thing in the morning though – the flight was on time like clockwork. It’s interesting though that for a quick 298 miles we were more than one hour in the air.

Bags came out early only to not bring out ours and show the big sign of ‘all bags delivered’. Of course 15 minutes after this stern signal the bags finally came out among 2 others. They must have fallen off.

Pegasus Airlines Review – Conclusion

Pegasus builds it’s business on efficiency and no frills. The airline has gotten this right – this is a very successful recipe in the leisure market. Combined with low fares Pegasus delivers a strong but extremely ‘boring’ product. Now many times boring is better than fancy and late or a not working one.

For quick runs across Turkey Pegasus is perfect and there is no reason to pay more for Turkish Airlines (unless you connect internationally want to use their lounge).

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