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Air Jordan 2 - Eminem 313 (Via would anyone spend seven thousand dollars on a pair of sneakers you ask? Well, because they can! And why not, when I could easily drop a few thousand more for my favorite Jimmy Choo’s too, if I could, that is!

So yes, men love their sneakers just as women love their stilettos, though the former are so much more comfortable than the latter for there to be any kind of fair comparison. So for the men out there, who love their fashion and who definitely get a kick off fashionable footwear, here are some amazing, sought after sneakers that are fashionable, albeit a tad bit expensive (actually, really expensive).

Most of these sneakers, especially the ones near the top of the countdown, are not just expensive or sought after but they are actually exclusive ones that are made in singularly limited numbers too. This of course, is part of the reason why they are so expensive; remember that whole demand and supply routine your economics teacher was spouting that whole year in college? Well, it might pay off now. So, here’s to counting down the most expensive, exclusive and sought after sneakers from the least pricey to the most!

10) Air Jordan 2 Eminem 313

Air Jordan 2, the Eminen Way I Am 313 Limited Edition sneakers cost about 00.via: title= It is not just rare to find this sneaker on sale, but it is rarer still if you find one in your size! When Nike came out with these sneakers, the sneaker world had no inkling of what was to come. The sneakers were completely sold out within 5 minutes of their launch. These special edition Jordans come in an exquisitely retro design and scream high fashion when you walk down in them, making your sweats and baggy pants so completely and absolutely irrelevant!

9) Balmain High Top & Double Strap

Costing about $1475, the silver high-tongued Balmain sneakers come in leather and have rubber soles. The sneakers go high on the ankles and are shut-in with two Velcro-ed silver straps. If metallic silver is your thing, there is not a speck of fault you can find with these shoes, not in styling, nor in quality. Well, affordability is another thing though!

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With the acknowledgement that the Free's have less support and more flexibility than the average shoe. So, you would need to have a base of training built on using them beforehand. These kinds of shoes work your feet and calves much more- which in many respects can be a good thing. But yes- the idea behind them is that their designed to let your body run more naturally, and supposedly better for long distances, using a form that's less pounding on the body.

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