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Types of Nike Running shoes

Complete Guide to Nike Women's Running ShoesNike is one of the top brands in the world for women's running shoes. The company offers several styles and types of running shoes, including customizable footwear. In addition to making women's shoes with the proper arch support and traction needed for training and running, the shoes serve other purposes. The comfort and versatility of the shoes make them perfect to wear with everyday casual attire or in work environments that require long hours on the feet.


Nike offers five basic types of running shoes for different environments and types of running. Specific features and kinds of support differ with each type. There are several styles of running and differing levels and goals of runners.



Barefoot-like Ride

Lightweight and flexible for minimalist style of running

Neutral Ride

Extra cushioning for smooth running


Increased support and extra cushioning for runners whose feet tend to roll inward


Low-profile cushioning and extra traction for rugged trail running


Lightweight and extra support for high-speed running

Nike designs each type of women's running shoe with specific needs and types of running in mind. All styles come in a variety of fashionable colors. This makes the shoes versatile for everyday wear or for work wear.

Quality Materials

Nike uses a wide array of quality materials in the production of women's running shoes. A single pair of shoes uses an average of 30 or more materials. The company selects materials that enhance performance and provide a comfortable fit. Six materials make up most of Nike's total material volume.


Nike often uses recycled polyester, which is good for the environment. Polyester provides improved flexibility to runners. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. It also inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi.


Nike continually develops new forms of rubber that is lightweight and long lasting. Lightweight rubber soles provide runners with added comfort and shock-absorbency. They are easy to clean and are generally waterproof. Rubber offers traction on slick surfaces or rough terrain.

EVA Foam

Ethylene vinyl acetate foam consists of thousands of tiny bubbles that hold air, and it gives running shoes improved acoustic and thermal insulation properties. It works with rubber to provide shock resistance and low water absorption. The material is in many high performance women's running shoes.


Breathability is the main function of cotton in running shoes. Nike uses organic cotton in its footwear that keeps feet cool during long runs on different trail or track surfaces. Cotton also offers increased insulation and comfort during cold weather.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather retains its form, which is important for running shoes. Runners need shoes that keep their shape to maintain the proper support and strength necessary to keep the feet from slipping. The material is durable, easy to clean, and resists water absorption.


The strength, flexibility, and durability of leather running shoes provide added support to runners. Leather prevents pain and injury as runners shift their feet. Leather molds to the feet when people wear the shoes. This provides a better and more long-lasting fit for runners.

Shoes for Different Running Surfaces

Roads, tracks, and trails are the main surfaces that people run on. Nike provides specific shoes for each type of surface. Different features make running on these surfaces safer and more comfortable.


Running on roads requires women to wear shock-absorbent footwear that offers improved cushioning and comfort. The Nike Free 5.0+ shoes offer a low profile midsole for a natural and barefoot-type feel on road surfaces. Flywire technology adds extra support for long runs on hard-surfaced roads. Soft but durable cables wrap around the mid foot and under the arch for a glove-like feel.


Track running generally requires less cushioning and a thinner sole because tracks are usually shock absorbent. Track shoes often feature metal spikes on the taper to provide increased grip. The Nike Zoom Superfly R4 is for track running. The shoe features a Phylon midsole for low profile running and spikes for speed and traction.


Trail running requires shoes with extra traction and shock absorbency for rugged areas. The Nike Zoom Wildhorse features mesh uppers for breathability and support. The compression molded insole and bottom sole provide added cushioning for rough terrain.

Find Nike Women's Running Shoes on eBay

eBay makes it easy for you to search for the right Nike running shoes for your goals and style. New and used footwear is available from sellers on the site. To begin your search, type keywords in the search bar located on any eBay page. Filter your results with more specific keywords, such as the type of shoe you are seeking or different colors. Review the shipping options and added information on the seller's page. Some sellers offer free shipping.

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