Nike free numbers

Nike Free Numbers

Nike Free Run Buying GuideFor men and women who take their running seriously, every single thing they can do to improve their performance is absolutely essential. Among other things, this usually means eating healthy, following a diet, exercising with the right equipment, and taking the proper supplements andvitamins. It also means wearing apparel that will maximize the body's natural ability to grow stronger and faster.

About a decade ago, Nike set out to create a running shoe that would improve a runner's ability to train. Nike found that many runners at the top echelons of the sport, including Olympic athletes, would run barefoot when training. Nike took that information and transformed it into the Nike Free shoe line.

What Makes Nike Free Run Shoes Different?

Nike took what it learned from barefoot runners and combined it with an extensive shoe-making experience to create a shoe that would provide the benefits of barefoot running while minimizing the risks typically associated with such an activity. Some of the features that distinguish the Nike Free Run include:


The soles of Nike Free Run shoes have particularly deep grooves that make the shoe itself highly flexible. This is one of the most distinguishing features of this particular shoe line and is one of the primary ways Free Runs are able to imitate barefoot running while still protecting the runner's feet.

Light weight

Free Runs are noticeably lighter than almost all shoes and are even lighter than most running shoes. Many users of Free Run shoes claim that it is easy to forget the shoes are even on because they are so light, which is a characteristic that Nike has worked hard to achieve.


Nike uses a proprietary material to make the soles of their entire Free Run lineup. The result is a running experience that is notably quiet, which is beneficial when runners want to focus on running as long or as hard as they possibly can without any distractions.


Although Nike Free Run shoes are primarily designed to be running shoes, they are actually comfortable enough to wear in everyday situations. It is not uncommon for runners to have one pair for training and another pair for everyday walking.


Since they are so thin and flexible, many potential buyers of Nike Free Run shoes are concerned that the shoes will not last long enough to justify the investment in them. However, most users and numerous studies indicate that Nike Free Run shoes are far more durable than they seem - typically lasting for hundreds of miles before needing to be replaced. This is thanks in large part to the proprietary materials they are made out of.

Understanding the Different Types of Nike Free Run Shoes

While the intention of Nike Free Run shoes is to imitate the experience of running barefoot, the preferences of each individual runner can vary greatly. In order to accommodate as many runners as possible, Nike has created a sliding scale for the Free Run line that helps runners choose the shoe that best suits them. In addition, Nike distinguishes new iterations of each shoe with sequential version numbers.

How the Sliding Scale Works

Nike uses a 0 to 10 scale to categorize their Free Run lineup. The number 0 is equivalent to running barefoot, and the number 10 is equivalent to a traditional running shoe. The first Nike Free Run shoe came out in 2005 with the categorization 5.0, and since that time, Nike has come out with versions ranging from 3.0 to 7.0. The lower the number, the less cushioning and closer resemblance to simulating barefoot running that particular pair of shoes has.

How the Version Numbers Work

In order to distinguish between older and newer versions of shoes with the same "barefoot rating, " Nike uses version numbers V1, V2, V3, etc. Typically, newer versions are made sturdier than previous versions, and there are typically design changes made as well.

Where Can I Purchase Nike Free Run Shoes?

As one of the more popular shoe lines made by Nike, the Free Run series is available in many brick-and-mortar stores around the United States. It is also available in the Running Shoe section of eBay, along with shoelaces and other running accessories that runners can use to further enhance their training.


For runners looking for a good way to train, the Nike Free Run line is certainly worthy of consideration. Whether they are looking for the super-thin Free Run 3.0 or something closer to a traditional running shoe like the 7.0, runners are sure to find one that suits their specific needs.

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