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Scoring a job at Nike’s Beaverton, Oregon headquarters is like hitting the jackpot: You can break a sweat between meetings at one of the two huge fitness centers, take part in various sports outside, or pick up gear at half price for your friends and family at the Nike Employee Store. Needless to say, a gig at Nike is pretty awesome. Employee culture is key to Nike’s success. Encouraging taglines are everywhere—and go beyond “Just Do It.” There are a number of lessons that just about any company can take from Nike and bring into their own conference rooms. Here are three things to consider for your next meeting: Run Your Meetings Employees at Nike literally have running meetings. Colleagues meet up at one of the fitness centers in running gear, and then go for a run together around the ‘berm’, a bark trail which surrounds Nike’s Beaverton campus, while conducting their business. It’s a great way to make time for exercise while getting work done – and you don’t necessarily need your own track or campus to do it. (Of course, the less athletic amongst us can try walking meetings for a similar purpose) Draw Pictures Nike CEO Mark Parker can always be found with his sketchbook—a Moleskin notebook, to be precise—in hand and usually sporting the latest (and secret) prototype on his feet. Parker doodles and sketches pictures throughout meetings. That may sound counterproductive, but it works for him. He believes these sketches help clarify the thought process in a way that words can’t. According to Fast Company’s Robert Safian, Parker’s notebook “keeps both hemispheres of his brain in balance: Every left page is devoted to business brainstorming, while every right page to designs and doodling of the elaborate shoes he might dream up.” Instead of just writing down thoughts, experiment with drawing pictures to help better understand the concepts you’re discussing and brainstorm new ideas. Get To The Point Nike’s 2013 annual meeting lasted less than 37 minutes. That’s pretty insane for a business that makes over $25 billion a year. Whether it’s good news or bad news, be succinct—you’re going to have to say it at some point anyway. If your team knows that meetings will be short and sweet, they’ll be more engaged, focused and present throughout the entire time.

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What is the difference between the Nike Flex and Nike Free sneakers? - Quora

Nike Flex and Nike Free are both on the spectrum of minimalist running shoes. Nike's biomechanists believe that very few people have the naturally perfect gait that will prevent injuries when training barefoot, so they have created shoes that allow the foot to flex more naturally than a traditional running shoe like this one:

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