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How to Spot Fake Nike ShoxNike shoes have been widely popular with runners and those who play sports for decades, and for good reason. Designed for specific uses, their durability and longevity speaks for itself. However, because of their popularity, they are also subject to replication. There are certain aspects of the shoes that buyers should pay attention to in order to spot the replications. Knowing what to look for in a pair of authentic Nike Shox helps buyers avoid the fakes.

Signs of Authenticity

A well-defined brand, Nike has several design aspects that set the fakes apart from the authentic shoes. Knowing what to look for ensures that the buyer purchases only authentic Nike Shox.

Examine the Pictures

When purchasing Nike Shox online, it is important to examine the pictures provided by the seller. The pictures should be of the exact shoe that is for sale, not a stock photo, or a similar model. The buyer should be able to view the shoes that they are purchasing. Design flaws in the pictures will immediately identify replicas.


Authentic Nike Shox

Fake Nike Shox


Straight and even stitches that look professionally done

Uneven or loose stitching; stitches that cross over each other

Nike Swoosh

Swoosh bears a 3D resemblance, often with embroidering around it

Flat design with uneven stitching;

Imperfection in Swoosh design


Rubber in appearance; not shiny

Commonly made of plastic; appears shiny in photos

SKU Number

Pictures of SKU provided

Numbers on box and tag inside shoe match

No SKU provided

Tag on inside shoe does not match SKU on box

Lace Holes

Almost always feature eyelets

No eyelets, just a standard hole

Each one of these components helps a buyer make an educated decision and ensures that they buy only authentic Nike Shox. Authentic shoes ship in a standard, yet sturdy, Nike shoebox, not wrapped in plastic or in a cheap cardboard box.

Identifying Fake Nike Shox

In addition to evaluating the picture for discrepancies and quality concerns, there are other methods to determine whether a pair of Nike Shox is authentic. These include examining colorways, pricing, and sample shoe availability.


According to Nike, they do not use standard colors in their shoe names. Rather each shoe released through Nike has specific colorways. A buyer never sees a shoe color listed as white and blue, for example. Instead, the buyer finds colors like Tour Yellow or Action Green. A list of the available colors for each shoe model is available on the Nike website and makes an excellent buyer reference.


While it is not uncommon for a buyer to find discounted Nike sneakers or Nike running shoes, the discounts are not usually significant. In this case, price is a good indicator of whether a shoe is authentic or fake. Prices that seem too good to be true usually are. A good baseline for what the sneakers and Nike baseball cleats should cost is available on the Nike website and other shoe e-tailers.

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It was a big leap for me when I purchased my 100+ nike shoes about 8 months ago... and now they look like they been ran over and thrown into a blender.
I run 3 miles sever times a day and need to invest in a good running shoe. I was impressed with the 2011 air max running shoe but wondering if they are worth the money.

I run 3 miles sever times a day and need to invest in a good running shoe. I was impressed with the 2011 air max running shoe but wondering if they are worth the money.

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