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Earlier on this year I looked at the options for the best racing flats as I was focussing then on gaining even a 1% increase in time from a specialist racing shoe. I’m really pleased I went for the Newton MV3’s as they worked out perfectly and they’ve definitely contributed to the 5/10k PBs I’ve run this year. I’m now searching for the perfect running shoe for the longer distances of 10 miles, a half marathon or even the full marathon. Currently, I wear the Nike Lunarglide 5’s which I originally chose for their adaptive cushioning; I was having a bad time with my ankle/Achille’s and they came highly recommended. Now my situation has changed for two reasons, both of them relating to the racing flats that I now wear for shorter distances.

1) In wearing the more minimalist Newton MV3 racing flats, my ligaments/muscles/tendons have been forced to work as god intended them to, rather than how a cushioned shoe tells them. For a while this meant I was in agony before and after every run however over time, around one month, my body adapted to and even relished the more natural style. It was like a purge or going cold turkey – it really hurt to begin with but I was better for it in the long run (pardon the pun!) So whereas before, I had to think very carefully about the support offered by my running shoes so as not to irritate my ankle, I’m now fully healed and can focus on shoes that make me run fast.

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